9 Tools To Schedule Tweets

Need a tool to schedule tweets?  Here are nine to pick from:   1.  BufferApp    Overall, the free version is hard to beat, one of my favorites given what it can do. Bookmarklet can be a little buggy now and then, when it is, I delete from my toolbar and re-install. Recommend upgrading if multiple people will use the tool and/or you … (more...)


Creating Provocative Link Content

Looking for creative and news worthy topics to write about? Join the crowd. With everyone focused on creating and promoting content for links, competition for space and readership gets harder every day. If you are using content to build links, it needs to be fresh, trendy and thought provoking to motivate people into action. It needs to … (more...)

7 habits of successful link builders

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Link Builders And Their Tools

Reading around the Web I can't help but notice similarities between what is being written about link building and the principles highlighted in Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey’s work suggests people can be successful in business and life when they’re effective at doing things that bring about desired results. He … (more...)


How To Use SlideShare To Generate Links and Traffic

I suffer from "oooolookitdat" syndrome, it flares up every time I land on social sites like Pinterest and SlideShare. Doesn't matter if I'm working or surfing for pleasure, I normally end up blowing 30+ minutes looking at everything but what I came for.   Sound familiar?   The marketing departments on SlideShare and Pinterest love hearing this … (more...)


How To Reuse Old Content With Images

If you have been around the SEO industry for a few years, chances are you've seen the same topic blogged over and over from different angles.  The core concepts of SEO change infrequently so you tend to see the same topic written from different angles by different people. If you are one of those people doing the writing, you understand how hard it … (more...)


How Much PageRank Do You Lose Through A 301 And Are They A Problem?

Based on previous comments from Google we thought web pages lost some PageRank when using a 301 redirect, here's a portion of a 2010 interview with Google Engineer Matt Cutts that says as much: Interview question asked by Eric Enge: Let’s say you move from one domain to another and you write yourself a nice little statement that basically … (more...)


Google Authorship Resources

The two video's below are a must-watch, listen closely to what Googler Othar Hansson says in the first minute of the first video.  He makes comments like "we want two get information on credibility of authors" and "become a ranking signal" that further reinforce the importance of assigning authorship to what you write.  I think this is a big deal … (more...)

podcastinng tools

14 Podcasting Tools And Resources To Engage Customers And Attract Links

Podcasting, while less talked about than video, is an unique way to spread content, engage customers and attract links. There are many easy-to-use podcasting tools available, most are inexpensive and come with minimal learning curves. I download podcasts to my smartphone and listen while I walk or drive, it's a great way to catch up on what's … (more...)

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